Established in the year 2012, our company Mind Fitness Nutrition is very well known for our RESULTS DRIVEN promise to all our clients…

Always caring and passionate about helping others and making a change for the better in this world, our founder Mary graduated from Sydney University with a Degree in Psychology and a strong genuine passion to support, empower and help anyone that crossed her path.

At the time, Mary was working with pregnant women in the Maternity ward in a large Sydney Hospital. Inspired by her passion for health and fitness, she went on to complete her Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness through The Australian Institute of Fitness. She graduated Class Champion. Mary is a qualified Master Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Vinyasa Flow Instructor, Elderly group instructor and specialises in many other fields such as Rehabilitation.

With a strong knowledge base and vision, Mary’s passion took over as she decided to pursue her career in Health and Fitness. Her view was to help everyday Australians achieve and conquer their health and fitness goals as she did.. Mary lost 17kgs of body fat, accomplishing her own mind and body transformation.

Feeling empowered, motivated and strong, she started her own business, incorporating all the aspects that she believed were necessary to succeed and achieve real long-term results. She focussed on helping her clients understand and incorporate the components of mind, fitness and nutrition through their personal journeys to success.


We determine our satisfaction and success by YOUR measurable, observable and permanent results. We want you to achieve your highest level of health and happiness, whatever that may mean to you.

It’s about having that energy, that vitality, that indescribable feeling.

Our purpose is to inspire, encourage, empower and enlighten you through our wholistic approach. We will help you find your starting point and then work with you to build your path to success.

We are firm believers that with the right support, you can achieve extraordinary things. Whether you are just a beginner, a professional athlete, a new or expectant mother, an office worker or in your golden years, YOU CAN ACHIEVE AND EXCEED YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS!

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