How do I order my meals/detox drinks?

For the moment all orders will be taken through our MFN MEALS Facebook Page or via email at


When will my MFN meals arrive?

All meals are delivered on either a Saturday or a Sunday ready for you to start eating on a Monday. To check your day and time of delivery, send us a message on our Facebook Page or email us at


What type of meals do you offer?

We offer meals for fat loss, muscle gains and convenience. We also offer detox drinks and superfood drinks


Can you make meals to suit my Dietary Needs?

Yes, we can make meals to suit a lot of dietary needs CONTACT US


How should I store my meals?

If you have ordered Fresh not Frozen- meals can be stored in a Fridge. All Snap Frozen meals are stored in Freezer. All Breakfast options are stored in the fridge. You will receive all instructions prior to your delivery


Are my meals made fresh?

Yes, all our meals are made fresh weekly to each individual order.


Do the meals require any other ingredients?

Our meals do not require you to add anything at all, just heat as you please and enjoy


What if I don’t have a microwave, can I use an oven?

Yes, you definitely can use an oven. Remove packaging and put the food contents in an oven friendly container or tray and heat until ready.


I’m a truck driver, am I able to eat your meals on the road?

Yes, you can! Heat your meal up in the morning before work and place it in a heat insulated type bag or container and eat when ready.


Any other Questions?

If you would like to know anything else, please CONTACT US




What are your prices for Personal Training?

Please CONTACT US to enquire


Do you offer Mobile Personal Training?

Yes, we sure do


How do I sign up for Personal Training/Small Group Training/Bootcamps?

To sign up CLICK HERE


Where do I find the 8 Week MIND, FITNESS & NUTRITION Challenge and how do I take part?

CLICK HERE to sign up and get started


How can I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Direct Deposit into Bank Account and Paypal. You also have the option of choosing Direct Debit.


Is your site secure?

Yes we have an SSL Certificate and all online payments go through either Paypal or eWay


How long does it take to deliver a product that I have bought?

Your product will be shipped on the day of purchase or within one business day as soon as your payment clears


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